A Year In Blogging

1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days.

One year ago I started this blog. I know a one year post should be posted as resolutions to the new year. Except I started this blog at the end of February and resolutions are hard and tend to feel like failed attempts at life by the end of February.

Also I tend to like change a lot and it is hard for me to stick with one thing for long periods of time. Keeping this blog going on for a year is a huge accomplishment for myself.

Since having this blog: I switched schools, am graduating a year early, donated my hair, got my braces off, went to Israel, had my heart broken, had my heart healed, broke my ankle, got a job, started driving… the list is literally endless.

Here are a few major life lessons I learned in my  year of blogging.

  1. Grace:

Having grace for yourself and not just others is majorly important. A quote that I love a whole lot is, “Grace, I am learning, is seeing whatever mess I am standing in right now and then forgiving myself for not being perfect within (Hannah Brencher).”

In life I put a whole lot of pressure on myself to be perfect and appear like I don’t have problems or am handling my problems perfectly. Honestly, thats the opposite of grace. We have grace so we don’t have to be perfect and feel ashamed because God is perfect in every way. This makes you perfectly imperfect.

2. Surrendering Control & Adjusting to Change:

Your life can change with the drop of a hat. You may have control of it or you may not. I love change but only when I have control of it. When change happens outside of my control I tend to have anxiety attacks and mental break downs. I am slowly realizing that change is so good and when it happens unexpectedly that a new door is opening soon and that it all has a greater reason.

Be open to change, Don’t fight it. Surrender that control to God, for he is the only constant. God created you and he knows you better than you know yourself and he is the ultimate play maker!

3. Vulnerability:

It’s scary. It’s not easy. I totally learned that the key to new & lasting relationships is vulnerability. Not just in who you are but also in  what is going on in your life. I know it is easy to build walls so high that no one can possibly climb over them. But listen to me it does not protect you from getting hurt it only hardens your heart and creates a barricade from anything good in your life.

Vulnerability creates like a wave. It starts small with you breaking your walls and showing your true self and then it starts growing as you share yourself more and then becomes huge as it gets closer and crashes over someone else’s wall and lets you and that person in. This creates a bond thats built on truth and who God truly created you.

Life is tough, life is scary but God is big, God is ultimate. He forever has you in his arms. I challenge you to evaluate your year from a point of grace for yourself and all that changes that happen and will happen through vulnerability!

Much love,

Melissa Beth





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